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About Us

Our Story

Welcome to "Casa da Luísa"! We are Caroline and Elke, living in the beautiful city of Geraardsbergen in the Flemish Ardennes in Belgium!

Our journey in Portugal started a few years ago after a visit to friends living at the Silver Coast. As from the moment we arrived we felt a strong connection with the serenity of the surrounding nature and the power of the ocean.

Arriving home we started to dream about our house nearby the ocean where we would wake up between the sound of birds, waves and where we could walk for hours in the nature.

Today we are happy to share that our dream came true. "Casa da Luísa" which is named after our godchild "Ella-Louise" is there and everything about the house is a mix created by both our own styles, thoughts and energies. 

We hope you enjoy your stay,

Caroline and Elke 

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