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Costa de Prata

The Silver Coast, which is situated between Porto and Lisbon in Portugal get its name from the effect of the sun on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is famous for its coastline, amazing beaches and ancient towns. This part of portugal is a great alternative to the Algarve, with far less development than the crowed south of the country.

The coastline is wilder, untouched and also a popular destination for surfers with beaches such as Peniche and Nazare. 


Peniche is one of the most important fishing ports in Portugal and very famous for surfers. Baleal beach is perfect for people who want to relax or try a first surf lesson. Do you prefer to visit, go to the town where you can visit the "Bobbin Lace" museum or the Fortress of Peniche. 

After your visit in town, you can take a boat trip to one of the most beautiful nature reserve of Portugal: the Berlenga islands


São Martinho do Porto

São Martinho do Porto is a small village known for its beautiful shell shaped bay. The bay is detached from the Atlantic Ocean by rocky cliffs which makes the bay a safe place to swim. All around the bay there is a long sandy beach with a wooden hiking trail at the end which leads to Salir do Porto.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.


Óbidos is a traditional Portuguese town part of Unesco world heritage. It has small cobbled streets with charming little shops, painted walls, colorfull flowers, a remarkable library and traditional houses. 

Complete your óbidos expierence with a  "Ginjinha", a traditional liquor served in a chocolate cup!


Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is a village well known for its part of the ocean that flows into the lagoon of Óbidos. The lagoon is very popular with children. It offers the possiblity to do some watersports and is surrounded by wooden walk ways which allow bird watching, walking or bicycling. It has a breath taking view!

There are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can taste "clams" from the lagune or enjoy a refreshing sangria!



Nazaré is a fishing village known for its "big wave surfing" where during the winter, the best surfers over the whole world try to cath the biggest wave of their life.

In the summer it is perfect for sun lovers and has plenty of  fish restaurants. 

Take the Nazaré  funicular and enjoy one of the most famous views of the Silver Coast

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